Monday, November 1, 2010

at least video didn't kill the fashion designer.

I'm highly impressed lately with the fashion I'm seeing in music videos.

Let's start with Willow Smith, arguably the best dressed 9-year-old on the music scene right now (well, probably the only 9-year-old on the music scene right now. Miley's still like .. 8 years old, right?). Either way, in the video for her hit single "Whip My Hair", she shows off her surprisingly mature style - a sort of hybrid between M.I.A. and that neat kids section they have in H&M (can you say 'capsule collection', anyone???).

For the video, Willow wears custom-made clothing and a OneZ jumpsuit courtesy of California Christiania Republic - which gets covered in paint!

This one here is my obsession of the moment: Kanye West's incredible new short film "Runaway". It's a half-hour video accompanied by tracks off his upcoming album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (which I am TOO excited about!!). The focus of the movie is really on the fallen phoenix, personified by model Selita Ebanks.

If you think her costume of mindfully placed feathers looks runway-worthy, that's because it is; her outfits were designed by fashion designer Phillip Lim and costume designer Martin Izquierdo. From the wings to the makeup, it's to die for - but let's leave this look to the Victoria's Secret Angels, shall we?

I think the fiercest new hip hop star simply HAS to be Nicki Minaj. She's featured in's new song "Check It Out"; and in the video, we can't help to do just that.

Her outfits channel the kind of harajuku-robot thing that's been hanging around ever since Gwen Stefani went solo - but this time, with a whole new street-inspired flavor.


The Fabric BCN said...

Hi Sara!
Check out Swedish artist "Robyn", she def comes into the picture talking about fashion in music video!

sara aniano said...

Love Robyn! will do, thanks for reading !!