Friday, November 12, 2010

happy 10th anniversary, lucky! but something's missing ..

(i don't like caps. i'm disposing of capital letters at the beginning of words from here on out, indefinitely.)

happy anniversary to my favorite magazine: condé nast's lucky magazine!

oh, lucky, you know you hold a special place in my heart. i'm the first to snatch the latest issue of those glossy pages from the shelves as soon as it hits drugstores. you're a no-frills, no-nonsense publication dedicated to my most expensive compulsion: shopping. nothing about sex or dramatic novels or any of the filler stuff that i usually skim over. just fashion, beauty, and style.

but why, in your december 2010 issue, have you not included my favorite section on the last page - andrea linett's section called "fashion babble"????

not that i don't love the magazine otherwise -- but i always look forward in particular to the wonderfully detailed illustration and lovely outfits put together on the final page each month. now it's gone! hopefully not forever!!

the rest of the issue though, with diane kruger on the cover, has been one of my all time favorites. it includes a great and humorous section on what might be in magazines in the year 2020 (it also mentions how mags have stood the test of technological time, avoiding the print publication extinction that has doomed other written mediums -- keep up the good work, folks!!). a highly informative issue, lots of lists and tips like top beauty products, which i love.

here's to many more years of my most thoroughly read magazine!

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