Monday, November 15, 2010

inspiration: johnny flynn

you'll notice there are many times in which i refer to music videos for fashion inspiration. this is one of those times.

here's one of my all-time favorite songs/videos called "the box" by a fantastic artist named johnny flynn.

as if the song wasn't good enough, the video is beautifully illustrated and animated (and it starts with an HDT quote -- could it get any better???). it's almost completely black and white in both film and illustration, save for a few splashes of watercolor-like hues that flicker in an out with a perfect subtlety. i especially love the black, white, and yellow combo.

this artistic, painterly look is really quite gorgeous when translated to clothing. so i ventured to one of my favorite clothing sites ModCloth to search for some dresses that captured the feeling of this video:

i love the way the flowers appear to be illustrations, almost like artistically placed doodles from someone's math notebook. i also love that it's not just a floral print in black and white, which we see a bit too often perhaps, but rather in ivory and navy; really makes it whimsical and wearable.

here's that black and yellow combo i was talking about (although this might be more of a charcoal). like i said, out of all the color palettes in "the box", this one caught my eye the most. 90% of this dress is neutral except for that ribbon of yellow cascading down, peeking out from beneath the ruffles. it's unexpected, which is great.

now if any dress really captures what johnny flynn's video shows, it's this one. it combines that splash of yellow upon a black/grey/white base, as well as illustration-like patterns. if i worked at modcloth, i may just name this "the box" dress -- although, i doubt anybody would be too eager to buy it if they didn't know what i was referring to .. nobody wants to look like a box.

johnny flynn is performing tonight in boston. i can't go, and it breaks my heart a little. suppose i'll have to wait.


e.llera said...

Hi Sara!

I am really impressed by this post. What a great way to show how inspiration can come, and lead, to anything. ModCloth really appreciates being featured in such a cool post.

Your friend,
Elisa at ModCloth

sara aniano said...

wow thank you so much!! i adore modcloth, so you'll certainly be seeing some more modcloth fashions in posts to come! thanks for reading =) !

Bonnie said...

I lovelovelove the yellow and black dress. It's perfect.