Thursday, December 23, 2010

"i felt it... it was perfect."

the title of this post is just one of many brilliant lines from natalie portman's character nina, in the new film "black swan".. this movie is 100% worth seeing.

i am honestly SHOCKED that somebody like myself, who is so anti-big-blockbuster-movies it's not even funny, would actually advocate going to see this film. but it is a work of art and an inspiration. so, like i usually do with anything that inspires me, i'm going to find some "black swan"-ish fashion (feathers and tutus and tights, oh my!).

... now, since i KNOW you're thinking it, let me be the first to say that THIS IS NOT WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT:

we all remember this sad time in fashion history when some poor, helpless swan decided to not only wrap itself around the icelandic singer björk, but to kill itself shortly thereafter (shhh.. if we don't tell her, maybe she won't notice..)

let's get to the good stuff.

the nina shrug
in the movie, nina wears a shrug to cover up some nasty, self-inflicted wounds on her shoulder blade... but if you DON'T have those, worry not -- it's still cute! i think it's more modern and less middle-school to have an oversized, slouchy shrug, like this grey one from Forever21.

the crop top
american apparel crop top: half ballet, half "let's get physical", all dance-worthy.

the tutu (kinda)
don't feel like getting literal with the whole tutu business? me neither. luckily, viktor & rolf have made it easy to pay homage to sugar plum fairies without actually looking like one. their scent "flowerbomb" is my absolute favorite perfume of all time, and in this holiday edition, they dressed it up with a metallic version of their grenade-like casing (flowerBOMB, get it ?!!) and, most importantly, a cute pink tutu. it'll fit on your old barbies, if that helps.

the black feathers
this feather skirt/black top combo by jay godfrey, available at neiman marcus, is a great way to channel your inner psycho-swan-bitch-twin. i prefer smaller feathers to large ones, as it makes it a little less obvious and doesn't look like you've tied a feather boa around your hips.

Monday, December 20, 2010

my 99% fashion-related christmas list.

it's just around the corner, folks; good ol' xmas. i've just returned from the city and took with me a handful of inspiration that led me to write the following: my christmas list!! ...that is, if it actually still mattered, cause it doesn't, cause christmas is in 5 days.

i've tried to keep it mostly fashion-centric, but hey, i have to be at least a LITTLE versatile. here we go:

1. Mid-Length Skirt
magazines and blogs everywhere are talking about this phenomenon: an aversion to both mini and maxi length skirts and dresses, and a preference for a mid-length skirt -- a skirt that hits between the knee and ankle -- which one would usually think was grandma status. but it's been reinvented in a totally chic and flattering way with cute patterns and flowy fabrics. maxi shit is always too damn long for me, and short skirts show my gross kneecaps, so this is an A+ move for me in terms of fashion. thanks, fashion!

2. Denim Shirt

denim shirt? what the hell is that? it's not a jacket, but somehow it's still made of denim?? yes. a soft denim. this hybrid creature has the feel of wearing your boyfriend's dress shirt, only it actually fits you. i like it buttoned up to the top, but it can certainly work unbuttoned. levi's makes a great one shown here.

3. Something with Toggle Closures
tonight, my boyfriend tried on a jacket from Urban with toggle closures. i was secretly jealous. a very outdoorsy feel, with a lot more uses than a coat closure -- like this cool sweatshirt. toggle closures also are more fun to close than buttons ..... or at least, i think so.

4. Cool Cummerbund

we're used to hearing cummerbunds for men, referring to those barely necessary (can someone tell me what their purpose is? i don't feel like googling) pieces of fabric around the abdomen when wearing a tux. but they've been in women's wear too, this sparkly look especially popular in the eighties. now, fashion's pulled yet another frankenstein and reanimated the look for 2010. where would i wear this thing? everywhere.

5. Manfrotto Tripod
yeah so here's where shit gets a little obscure. no, this is not fashion. but i used what i'm pretty sure is this exact tripod this semester and it's beautiful and light and awesome. you never know how much you value a tripod when all of a sudden, you're trying to film and realize you don't HAVE one ..

6. An Internship
Oh... oh wait, this is supposed to be a realistic list? ahh, fuck.

7. Big Ol' Bag

i want a nice leather bag -- a BIG one -- that has this dual handle business going on. i love the nonchalant look as the unused handles hang down beneath the bag. i also have a severe case of never-being-satisfied-with-my-handbag syndrome; keep this in mind.

* in other news, while walking around the city tonight, i saw a lot of THIS bullshit polluting my eyeballs (what did they ever do to you?!?!):

at first i thought, "oh, okay... like a mohawk. i get it."

but after a while, the only thing that came to mind was the trojan horse.

Friday, December 17, 2010

for auld lang syne, my dear.

good news: school has stopped eating my life and soul for a short duration of time! bad news: i've been terribly uninspired for my blog.

perhaps this is due to the fact that during finals week, nobody really cares about their appearance -- even i resorted to wearing the same thing two days in a row -- so i've kept fashion on the back-burner for the past couple of weeks. but one thing that has been on my mind is this: new year's eve.

now, let me begin by saying that there is a 99% chance i will be spending this new year's eve at home with my mother and my sister and their friends, living vicariously through each of them and feeling like their merriment is mine too because i'm not one of the cool kids anymore..........

..... but that doesn't mean i can't get an appropriate PARTY DREESSSSS!

so to me, new year's eve always calls for something metallic and/or sparkly. is that cliché? absolutely. still, one of my favorite new year's eve outfits was the one i wore when i was about twelve and we went to red lobster; my look consisted of silver glitter nail polish to accompany my black and silver-striped polyester top. ironically, all subsequent outfits have been sub-par.

after meticulous searching, i've discovered some of the most spectacular, shiny, sequined creations out there at the moment:

"Iconic Heavy Beaded Dress" by Kate Moss for Topshop
here's one of my favorites -- one of the few that used beads instead of sequins. very art deco, very flapper, very short, but conservative enough to arrive looking classy -- not trashy.
the shoulder cut-outs read chic, not nightclub. while it's meant to hang, fit here is key: too long and you may look short, and if the bottom hem is too wide it will simply look too big.
j.crew always does sequins perfectly, especially with the dusted-sequin look. this is understated, yet sexy, and adds a little more to the basic LBD.
another j.crew masterpiece. unconventional in color and sleeve-length, this is still flashy enough to make you a stand-out at your NYE party. but fill up that piggy bank first -- this silk sequined number goes for a whopping $1,100...... er, maybe next year.
modcloth had some pretty extravagantly shiny dresses, but i chose this one for its versatility -- it could really act as a tunic for day, too -- and its affordable price tag at $70. but it's sold out, so keep an eye out!
ah, forever 21: my go-to store for a quick party fix. black sequins on a black flouncy dress are wonderfully alluring, and the silhouette is as girly as it gets. plus, it's only $24.80!
here's another great example of shine without sequins, since sequins can sometimes be unreliable if not constructed well. i love the asymmetry and combo of textures.
"Goddess" Dress by Free People
white dresses: are they risks? yes. but this one may just be worth it. it's got the whole grecian thing going on, but the bit of silver at the hips makes it party-ready.