Monday, December 20, 2010

my 99% fashion-related christmas list.

it's just around the corner, folks; good ol' xmas. i've just returned from the city and took with me a handful of inspiration that led me to write the following: my christmas list!! ...that is, if it actually still mattered, cause it doesn't, cause christmas is in 5 days.

i've tried to keep it mostly fashion-centric, but hey, i have to be at least a LITTLE versatile. here we go:

1. Mid-Length Skirt
magazines and blogs everywhere are talking about this phenomenon: an aversion to both mini and maxi length skirts and dresses, and a preference for a mid-length skirt -- a skirt that hits between the knee and ankle -- which one would usually think was grandma status. but it's been reinvented in a totally chic and flattering way with cute patterns and flowy fabrics. maxi shit is always too damn long for me, and short skirts show my gross kneecaps, so this is an A+ move for me in terms of fashion. thanks, fashion!

2. Denim Shirt

denim shirt? what the hell is that? it's not a jacket, but somehow it's still made of denim?? yes. a soft denim. this hybrid creature has the feel of wearing your boyfriend's dress shirt, only it actually fits you. i like it buttoned up to the top, but it can certainly work unbuttoned. levi's makes a great one shown here.

3. Something with Toggle Closures
tonight, my boyfriend tried on a jacket from Urban with toggle closures. i was secretly jealous. a very outdoorsy feel, with a lot more uses than a coat closure -- like this cool sweatshirt. toggle closures also are more fun to close than buttons ..... or at least, i think so.

4. Cool Cummerbund

we're used to hearing cummerbunds for men, referring to those barely necessary (can someone tell me what their purpose is? i don't feel like googling) pieces of fabric around the abdomen when wearing a tux. but they've been in women's wear too, this sparkly look especially popular in the eighties. now, fashion's pulled yet another frankenstein and reanimated the look for 2010. where would i wear this thing? everywhere.

5. Manfrotto Tripod
yeah so here's where shit gets a little obscure. no, this is not fashion. but i used what i'm pretty sure is this exact tripod this semester and it's beautiful and light and awesome. you never know how much you value a tripod when all of a sudden, you're trying to film and realize you don't HAVE one ..

6. An Internship
Oh... oh wait, this is supposed to be a realistic list? ahh, fuck.

7. Big Ol' Bag

i want a nice leather bag -- a BIG one -- that has this dual handle business going on. i love the nonchalant look as the unused handles hang down beneath the bag. i also have a severe case of never-being-satisfied-with-my-handbag syndrome; keep this in mind.

* in other news, while walking around the city tonight, i saw a lot of THIS bullshit polluting my eyeballs (what did they ever do to you?!?!):

at first i thought, "oh, okay... like a mohawk. i get it."

but after a while, the only thing that came to mind was the trojan horse.

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Kelliann said...

I was in Bryant Park today with the family and saw those hilarious mohawk hats everywhere. Worse yet, I saw someone wearing one. Lookin' like a fool with that hat on yo head.