Thursday, March 17, 2011

this isn't about fashion but it needs to be said.

so i'm gonna go ahead and assume that you've heard the new viral youtube sensation song "friday" by rebecca black. in her song she pretty much tells us how much she loves her bowl and debates whether she likes in better in the front or the back. oh, and she really really likes fridays.

the timing for this phenomenon couldn't have been better, as it managed to get big between monday and thursday, so everyone on facebook and twitter can utilize their abundance of friday-themed puns tomorrow (fortunately, the "fried egg" ones are appropriate any day of the week).

now let's be honest here -- by propelling her video to millions of hits over the course of four days, we've pretty much sold our souls to the ark music factory. so whether you like it or not, the world's "friday" obsession is giving the last laugh here. there is no such thing as bad publicity, especially when profit is involved.

oh, on the plus side though, she's also managed to put all this charlie sheen nonsense on the backburner for a good 48 hours (she's not a musician, she's a miracle worker!).

i guess i feel kind of bad for the girl. it's very possible that this song was not written BY her but FOR her, perhaps by the "flo rida" wannabe in her video that comes out of damn nowhere. besides the fact that this will probably be old news by NEXT friday, it brings to us a sobering realization of how powerful the internet is.

i'm 20 years old, so in my lifetime i have witnessed -- and remember quite well -- the world as it was just before it became ruled by the web (i was still using a typewriter in second grade .. wasn't always tech savvy). so i am just old enough to see how ridiculous all these viral videos can be, but just young enough to be equally caught up in it. how fast will the next big videos sweep the internet? perhaps in a matter of hours? seconds??

but this is what we get for opening up the web to virtually any person with access to the internet. anyone can be on youtube, on facebook, on myspace, or on blogs like myself. and if you're anything like, all you have to do is shell out ridiculous amounts of money to delusional entrepreneurs so mommy can watch her preteen daughter become a diluted ke$ha. hey, do you think rebecca black is a part of the illuminati too?

Monday, March 7, 2011

sorry i lied.

so, a few posts back i raved about lush's snowfairy lip tint, saying it was my new holy grail product.

.. i gotta say, i take it back.
burt's bees has come out with a wonderfully natural looking line of tinted lip balms - and they're NOT SHIMMERY, like their other tinted lip products, so we escape the 6th-grade-makeup-experimentation look. i would even venture to say that they're more moisturizing than some of the regular burt's bees lip balms, like the beeswax or honey ones (although i do still hold a special place in my heart for them). they have a soft shine but they're not glossy, and the subtle colors are sure to look good on everyone.

and did i mention the adorable packaging?
i guess i don't have much self-control because i already have almost every color -- 4 out of 6 to be exact: rose, tiger lily, pink blossom, and red dahlia. all are wonderful. i expect to acquire the last two sometime in the near future. and at $7.00 each, i'm totally okay with that.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

made this in indesign . great quote by a great artist.

Monday, January 24, 2011

why italy, why?

the title of this post serves two purposes:

1) to properly convey how i feel about the difficulties i will face whilst learning the italian language this semester. i had my first class today, and i'm sensing that my brain will most likely shut down at the midway point, so expect a post with lots of expletives around the end of march.

2) an expression of slight disappointment in american fashion. not that we don't have some brilliant styles and designers, but let's be honest here: the heart of fashion really belongs to italy, i think. milan, people!

what brought about these revelations, you ask? my italy-born italian professor, who told us today that she was almost 60 years old, had such a refreshing, fun, and age-appropriate outfit on today -- something i would never expect to see here.

she was wearing a zipper-pocket tunic similar to this one below, only in a nice mustard-yellow:

she was also wearing these cool (but subtle!) snakeskin-print pants, also similar to the picture below, except not leggings:
this is exactly what i mean by being simple but fashionable: nothing crazy or particularly out of the ordinary, but subtly unique in the details. and a far cry from the polyester turtlenecks and bison-printed vests that my english professor wore last semester..

on that note, buona notte.