Monday, January 24, 2011

why italy, why?

the title of this post serves two purposes:

1) to properly convey how i feel about the difficulties i will face whilst learning the italian language this semester. i had my first class today, and i'm sensing that my brain will most likely shut down at the midway point, so expect a post with lots of expletives around the end of march.

2) an expression of slight disappointment in american fashion. not that we don't have some brilliant styles and designers, but let's be honest here: the heart of fashion really belongs to italy, i think. milan, people!

what brought about these revelations, you ask? my italy-born italian professor, who told us today that she was almost 60 years old, had such a refreshing, fun, and age-appropriate outfit on today -- something i would never expect to see here.

she was wearing a zipper-pocket tunic similar to this one below, only in a nice mustard-yellow:

she was also wearing these cool (but subtle!) snakeskin-print pants, also similar to the picture below, except not leggings:
this is exactly what i mean by being simple but fashionable: nothing crazy or particularly out of the ordinary, but subtly unique in the details. and a far cry from the polyester turtlenecks and bison-printed vests that my english professor wore last semester..

on that note, buona notte.